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Speech at the Press Conference on the 1st World

 Ice Dragon Boat Championship of the International

 Ice Dragon Boat Federation (IIDBF)


(January 10, 2018)


Liu Jianjun



Dear Media Friends, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:


Good Evening!


In the particularly enchanting and beautiful days with thousands miles of ice and full of white snow, we gather together in charming Dolon Nor for holding the press conference on the 1st World Ice Dragon Boat Championship of the IIDBF. It is our enthusiasm and love that bring us together, for which I feel extremely delighted. Here, on behalf of the people from all walks of life of Duolun County, I would like to extend a warm welcome and express my sincere thanks to all guests and media friends attending the press conference on invitation.


Situated in the middle of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and at the south of Xilingol Prairie, Duolun County has a distinctive geographical location, long cultural history, excellent ecological environment and abundant tourism resources. On the whole, it can be summarized as “Eight Highlights”: A Highlight as a Line; A Highlight as a Point, A Highlight as a Ring, A Highlight as a Circle, A Highlight as a Buddha County, A Highlight as an Ancient County, A Highlight with Half Forest, and A Highlight with Half Green Water.


A Highlight as a Line: Duolun is most beautiful in the due north direction of Beijing. 180 kilometers away in the due north direction of Beijing, there is a mountain named “Desheng Mountain” which together with Beijing “Deshengmen Gate” lies on the central axis of the national livable territory. This axis is also called “Liu Bingzhong Line” by geographers.


A Highlight as a Point: Duolun County is the meeting point of the following three lines of the two geographical discoveries in the last century: Hu Huanyong Line (Tengchong-Aihui Chinese Population Geographical Dividing Line), Zhu Kezhen 380mm Rainfall Line, and Liu Bingzhong Line.


A Highlight as a Ring: In 1995, satellite images found a 70km-diameter ring around Duolun and in the ring there was the Lightning River circling around. That was the globally second largest and the Asian largest aerolite ring named “Duolun Ring” by geographers.


A Highlight as a Circle: With Duolun as the center of a circle, the surrounding Xilinhot City and Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia and Chengde City and Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province are all within the radius about 200km. Duolun is the geographical center of this region.


A Highlight as a Buddha County: Emperor Kangxi formed alliances here in 1690, and in 1691 he approved to build the Huizong Monastery, and Emperor Yongzheng approved to build the Shanyin Monastery in 1731. Because the county has two royal monasteries, it is reputed as “A Buddha County on the Prairie” among the folk people.


A Highlight as an Ancient County: When the Buddhism became flourishing with the rises of monasteries, Emperor Kangxi ordered Beijing’s 8 major firms to gather in Duolun. Thus, this formed the grassland silk road “North Beijing Bridgehead”, also known as “Monan Trading Ports”. The merchants started from here, traveled to Petersburg after going out of Manzhouli in the north, and to the Europe after going out of Erenhot in the northwest.  


A Highlight with Half Forest: With a forest area of 2,930,000mu, Duolun is named “National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Area” by the state. As a big natural oxygen bar, Duolun has more than 300 days of fairly good air quality every year. The reputations of “natural summer resort” and “Beijing’s backyard” are well-deserved for Duolun.

一半绿水——多伦诺尔水资源富集,面积虽不足锡林郭勒盟2%,地表水却占到全盟一半以上,全县有47条河流 64个湖泊。多伦诺尔意为七个湖泊,美丽的“多伦湖”,水面面积2万亩,是引滦入津的重要枢纽。 

A Highlight with Half Green Water: Dolon Nor is rich in water resources. Although the water resources are less than that of Xilingol League, the surface water accounts for more than half of that of the whole Xilingol League. There are 47 rivers and 64 lakes in the county. Dolon Nor has the meaning of seven lakes. The beautiful Duolun Lake covers a water surface area for 20,000mu and it acts as an important hub for water diversion from Luanhe River to Tianjin City.


Moreover, Duolun is known as Chinese Protected Land of Grassland, Chinese Famous Historical and Cultural Town, National Famous Tourism Town with Characteristic Landscape, National Whole-region Tourism Demonstration Area and one of the 14 Tourist Leisure Towns to be Emphatically Developed during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period. Duolun agate, lamasery moon-cake, copper Buddha statue, horse saddle and saddlery and other handicrafts always enjoy a high reputation.


Duolun doesn’t not only have beautiful mountains, winding rivers, fresh wetlands, tranquil forests, clear lakes and colorful sand, but also a long history and rich cultural resources.


In recent years, we have proactively explored various effective ways of the tourism industry covering whole-region tourism, four-season tourism and cultural & sports tourism, obviously bringing the popularity and reputation of Duolun to a higher level. In particular, on January 16 last year, the Mr. Luo Zhongyi, chairman of the IIDBF, presented the Certificate of Authorization of “International Ice Dragon Boat Series 2017 China · Duolun” to Duolun. The 1st International Ice Dragon Boat Championship was successfully held here, which aroused a big stir and wide attention. Seizing the opportunity, we successfully held China Offroad Championship, “Dragon Boat Crossing Duolun” Offroad Vehicle Competition, Inner Mongolia Duolun Lake Road Cycling Race, Dolon Nor Ice & Snow Aviation Festival, Dolon Nor Prairie Music Season, Dolon Nor Kunlun Fight and other series of competitions, achieving a zero breakthrough in Duolun’s winter tourism and integration development of cultural and sports tourisms. The tourism industry is turning into the leading industry and pillar industry and Duolun is becoming an increasing popular place.


Now, it is the moment when everything in Northern China is covered by white snow. With the successful bidding of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, winter ice and snow events have been rapidly popularized and developed in our country. To actively responding to the ambitious goal of “300,000,000 People’s Participation in Ice and Snow Sports” set by the General Secretary Xi Jinping, Dolon Nor has been ready for holding the 1st World Ice Dragon Boat Championship of the IIDBF, relying on its rich ice and snow resources, convenient transportation and location advantages. Through unremitting efforts, we will make this event into a fixed brand event and a featured IP integration the development of Dolon Nor’s sports events and tourism. In the near future, we will also hold various ice and snow activities including Duolun Winter Ice & Snow Nadam Joy Tour, Baiyin Tribal Ice & Snow Carnival Experience Tour, Xilin Lake Winter Fishing & Blessing Folk Customs Experience Tour, and a series of tourism festivals with rich ethnic minorities’ characteristics, such as crowding around a hot fire, whirling ice flowers, New Year’s fireworks show and lantern festival, etc. All of these will take you on a journey of experiencing Duolun’s winter ice and snow and of appreciating the unique ice and snow features of the ancient tea culture town. All of these ways will boost the formation of the development pattern in which ice and snow tourism is taken as the core, and ice and snow fitness and leisure and competition performances as main contents.


This year, we will continue vigorously developing whole-region tourism, four-season tourism, cultural tourism and flower-viewing tourism to make Duolon an ideal tourist place with enjoyable sceneries everywhere. We will deepen all-round cooperation with well-known tourism companies to create a new Duolun Lake Scenic Area according to 5A-class scenic spot standard, vigorously advance the tourist development of Guniang Lake-Dadukou Scenic Area and Liao Dynasty’s Royal Ruins Park, and start construction of wildlife world, youth and middle age countryside health preservation town, impression on small Jiangnan town, and ice and snow sports center. Besides, we will build Dahekou Reservoir-Liao Dynasty’s Royal Ruins Park, Dadukou Rim-Guniang Lake highway and red tourism highways, as well as prairie stations integrating observation platform and parking lot. We will select and condense competition brands, and host Ice and Snow Nadam Series, the 12th Inner Mongolia Duolun Lake Road Cycling Race, Mongolian and Chinese Herbal Medicines Culture Festival at the time of the 1st World Ice Dragon Boat Championship of the IIDBF, in order to create Duolun’s tourism brand events.


Duolun tourism has stepped into the window phase of leaping development. Based on the whole-region conception, it is improving the whole-region tourism planning, speeding up the infrastructure construction and promoting the tourism level to vigorously create an important cultural and sports tourism town and thus to continue to write the legend of Dolon Nor.


It is a great honor for me to announce: today, the 4 major international dragon boat organizations of International Dragon Boat Federation, International Ice Dragon Boat Federation, International Canoe Federation-Dragon Boat Committee, and International Collegiate Dragon Boat Federation gather in Dolon Nor and will issue a four-party joint statement, namely “Duolun Statement”. This aims to jointly push excellent Chinese traditional culture and dragon boat events to the world and let more people participate in dragon boat sports. Its ultimate goal is to take the dragon boat sports to the Olympic family. This is a historic moment for Dolon Nor in promoting dragon boat sports around the world. It is a great honor for us and we will cherish it.


Besides, a three-party agreement of the People’s Government of Duolun County, International Dragon Boat Federation and IIDBF will be signed, which means that beautiful Dolon Nor can not only successfully host international ice dragon boat competitions, but also can realize the dream of hosting water dragon boat races.


Dear all friends,


Only in Duolun, can you experience the broad mind of the prairie.


Only in Duolun, can you feel the great enthusiasm of the prairie.


Only in Duolun, will you know the blue sky, the white clouds, the green grass, the clear water and the frozen ice.


Dear all friends,


Duolun tourism is expecting to join hands together with you.


Duolun’s economic dividends are expecting to be shared with you.


Dolon Nor is opening its arms, sincerely welcoming all guests and friends from every part of the world.


Finally, wish you every success in your work, best of health and good luck in everything.


Thank You!